Member Testimonials

Read on below to see what our members think of us and the work that we do for and on behalf of our members.

'At Cadent we consider our membership of  EUA to be a real asset. The team is always on hand to provide us with the support we need, be it through regular information sharing about developments within the utilities sector, the broad range of useful meetings and conferences put on by the EUA UN team, or through support in coordinating consultation responses to regulatory and technical proposals made by the Government.

EUA is an invaluable partner for Cadent, and an organisation we look forward to continuing to work with in the months and years ahead.'

Richard Court, Director of Regulatory Strategy Cadent

'I would recommend EUA membership to anyone looking to connect with others in the Energy Sector and wanting to share knowledge.  I have worked in senior management, technology, and business development roles, for organisations where we became members.  EUA has enabled me and those organisations to gain knowledge and build enduring relationships with key contacts throughout the industry.  Having personally been a member of the EUA Management Board and chaired the Meter Technical Group for several years, I am aware first hand of the influence and respect the EUA commands.

The influence and cooperation extends to BEIS, DCC and other Government and regulatory bodies affecting the energy policy we all trade in. I know the team at Connected Response is going to benefit hugely from our EUA membership.' 

Alan Jones, Business Development Manager Connected Response

'We have been in membership for a number of years and have always found the UN team to be fully supportive and always on hand to provide assistance with specific issues.  Meetings, events and forums are friendly and inclusive as well as being informative.  UN member outputs are relevant and wide ranging and provide interesting broader industry news.'

Richard Broome, Managing Director LinesearchBeforeYouDig

'EUA provides a consistent and dependable feed of up-to-date and relevant information. Emails from the UN team often spark off debate and conversation, providing information which helps us to inform our strategic approach to the energy sector.

Membership has also enabled us to add our voice and opinion to key consultations, such as the OFGEM consultation for the RIIO-GD2 price control period. They did this through a series of informative and lively workshops with a wide range of voices from the sector, enabling all participants to appreciate the “bigger picture”, illustrating how the proposed changes in regulation would affect both networks and contractors alike.

On an individual level, the whole EUA team has been consistently welcoming and accommodating, not just in helping to introduce us to supply chain partners and potential new clients, but also in taking the time to help some of our new starters to find confidence in the energy industry and encouraging their participation at events and meetings.

In a changing and dynamic industry, having access to EUA’s knowledge and experience, as well as being able to collaborate with them in various forums, workshops and projects, has proven a valuable asset to support our approach to the future of energy.'

David Steele, Business Development Manager Morrison Energy Services  

'ALH Systems has been in membership of EUA UN since 2015 and I’ve been witness to many changes over the years both at EUA and UN; all hand in hand with the evolving nature of the industry that work we in, including RIIO and subsequently RIIO2, and now - as we work our way through the transition towards Net Zero. 

Membership offers many benefits to companies including a wide range of relevant industry member updates and political activity as well as forums and meetings that feature speakers presenting on the topics that matter to members.'

Andy Vine, Chair UN Board Chair ALH Systems

'It is a privilege to Chair NEEG, where we bring together the best of the UK’s utility companies and their suppliers, working collaboratively to ensure we deliver a safe and efficient network to all our customers. 

Mike Stratton, Chair NEEG Mike Stratton & Associates  

'Supporting UN in the vital work they do for and on behalf of the members is an honour. Being a part of the Metering Groups provides members with a structured and intelligent approach in mapping the hydrogen journey as well as representation in the areas of regulation, governance and metering technical specification developments.'  

Darren McNeil, Chair Metering Groups MeteRSit



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