George Wilson Industries

  • Address Unit 2A, Longford Industrial Estate, Bedworth Road, Coventry, CV6 6B
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  • George Wilson Industries founded in 1878 has been manufacturing gas measurement equipment in Coventry, since 1904. Steeped in history and now empowered by the latest technologies, GWi and its parent company Apator Metrix S.A represent a union of expertise and ability.

    The companies have enormous strength and depth, not just from each other, but also as part of the Apator Group.  GWI's facility is centred around the manufacture of its high quality domestic pressure regulators, supply of innovative traditional and smart diaphragm gas meter solutions and also its extensive and robust gas meter refurbishment services. The comany's refurbishment processes are designed to provide tangible cost and environmental benefits whilst supporting the re-utilisation of stranded assets for customers.

    Alongside extensive knowledge and competence in gas metering equipment, GWI's UK customer service support centre underpins the integrity of the business.

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Do you think there will be a gas network in 20 years time?