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  • MeteRSit, established in 2009, is a company of the SIT Group* which designs, manufactures and markets smart gas meters that are innovative in measurement technologies and communication functions.

    The company believes that its products can improve the way in which gas is measured, sold and used, enabling a more transparent relationship with the end customer and awareness of energy consumption.

    Aiming to combine innovation with reliability MeteRSit is proud to market new measurement technologies, improving performances at a competitive cost. Equally, being part of Sit Group, MeteRSit strictly follows the reliability as well as the design and construction principles that have made SIT, for more than 60 years, one of the global leader in components and systems in the gas sector.

    In only a few years, MeteRSit has established itself as key players in the markets in which they operate.

    *The SIT Group, through its two divisions Heating and Smart Gas Metering, creates intelligent solutions for the control of environmental conditions and consumption measurement for a more sustainable world. A market-leading multinational company, listed on the MTA segment of Borsa Italiana, SIT aims to be the number one sustainable partner for energy and climate control solutions for its customers, focusing on experimentation and the use of alternative gases with low environmental profiles.

    The Group has production sites in Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Romania, Portugal, Tunisia and China, in addition to a commercial structure covering all global markets.

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