National Gas

  • Address National Grid House, Warwick Technology Park, Gallows Hill Warwick, CV34 6DA
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  • National Gas Transmission is the backbone of Britain’s energy system today and will play a leading role in the transition to a clean energy future that works for every home and business. National Gas owns and operate the national gas network, delivering energy to where it is needed in every part of the country.

    National Gas keeps households warm and underpin their quality of life. For business, the company fuels growth and innovation, and is looking to the future by developing the hydrogen transmission system of tomorrow.

    National Gas Metering maintains and manages around 7 million domestic, industrial and commercial combined gas assets across the UK ensuring these assets remain safe, reliable and efficient for homes and businesses. The company supports new connections and maintain existing installations. 

    As the largest asset manager of residential, industrial and commercial gas meters in Great Britain, National Gas offers a broad range of metering services to the highest safety and quality standards, while using the most advanced engineering technologies and methods.

Do you think there will be a gas network in 20 years time?

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Do you think there will be a gas network in 20 years time?