Secure Meters (UK) Ltd

  • Address Secure House, Lulworth Close, Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3TL
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  • Secure Meters (UK) Ltd is a multi-national solutions provider for revenue management, power quality and energy efficiency that enable users to save money, reduce energy consumption and facilitates comfortable living.

    The company focuses on users of energy in homes and workplaces to help reduce energy waste with solutions helping reduce the cost of energy delivered to users. 

    Secure’s focus on solving complex problems through simple, but complete solutions, results in a long and enduring partnership with all customers.

    More than just a metering company, Secure's expertise is spread over the entire energy stream; from the generation of electricity, gas and heat to their final consumption, adding value at every point. 

    The company creates solutions for metering billing and collection, pump efficiency (ESCO), controlling heating and cooling, energy auditing, asset monitoring, older adult care, and more.

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