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Utility Networks (UN) is a division of EUA and represents member companies operating across the gas distribution and transmission value chain, meter manufacturers and metering services companies, data and smart systems providers, professional service organisations as well as consultancy group services.
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EUA Utility Networks ensures members remain at the forefront of the energy sector through influencing and shaping industry developments, building strategic connections and delivering exclusive industry intelligence.

As well as focussing on the ‘here and now’, we also represent member companies critical interests in the future role of gas by lobbying and influencing Government, policy makers and regulators to the benefit of members long term operations.

Membership of UN provides

  • Latest industry news A weekly e-bulletin capturing energy sector news and developments.
  • Member News A monthly e-bulletin ‘Connections+’ featuring news from UN members.
  • Forums Featuring targeted agendas based on member needs.
  • Political Updates & Sector Reports Weekly e-bulletin monitoring energy industry political developments and activities.
  • Economic Report Monthly EUA industry and economic report covering industry, economic, Government schemes, smart
  • Yearly industry 'Gas Awards'

How the UN division operates

The UN division is guided by a Board which is made up of representatives from member companies. The Board gives strategic direction and a small secretariat team manages service provision and day to day activities.

Every member, no matter the size of the organisation, has an equal chance to Chair one of the member groups and elections are held annually.

UN has three key member areas which help steer and formulate the consensus view on industry issues. Companies usually join one of the member group areas but benefit from all of the divisional outputs.

Member area groups

  • EUA/Network Engineering & Equipment Group (NEEG) comprises 50+ member companies operating in the multi-utility infrastructure and domestic utility connections sector. Predominantly supply chain but also includes GDN’s, Independent Gas Transporters’, Utility Infrastructure Provider’s (UIP’s), SME’s, Tier 1,2 & 3 contractors, training providers, energy and innovation specialists.
  • EUA/Metering Services & Metering Technology Groups comprise 20+ member companies that have extensive working knowledge and practical experience of the Smart Metering landscape. Members include manufacturers, Meter Asset Managers (MAMs), Meter Operators (MOPs) and Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) as well as those organisations involved in training and the development of training standards in the metering industry.
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EUA acts on its members’ behalf to shape the UK’s decarbonisation policy whilst being mindful of affordability and security of supply. 

EUA membership consists of a variety of companies operating across the gas network, wider utilities and supply chain and supports over 300 member companies across seven divisions in working towards a sustainable, energy secure and efficient future.

Political & Regulatory landscape

  • Consultations EUA provides representative industry responses to consultations on behalf of members relevant to each division. Industry consultations help make policies more effective by sourcing views from interested and impacted knowledge specific groups.
  • Meetings with Government EUA takes part and represents members in meetings with DESNZ, other Government departments, senior civil servants, MP’s and policy makers, in addition to other non-technical panels and committees.
  • Political Updates & Sector Reports EUA conducts political monitoring and produces weekly updates keeping members abreast of the latest developments and up and coming parliamentary events. Our sector reports are particularly useful for our members and used widely across the industry.

EUA provides

  • Economic Report Monthly EUA industry and economic report covering industry, economic, Government schemes, smart meter and house building statistics.
  • Political Monitoring Weekly e-bulletin monitoring energy industry political developments and activities.
  • Extensive media coverage Regular press and PR coverage. EUA has featured on TV and Radio, including Newsnight, Sky news, Radio 5 and LBC. EUA also regularly publishes in the national press.
  • Yearly industry 'Gas Awards' In partnership with IGEM.
  • An annual EUA conference Bringing the industry together with exhibitor opportunities for members.


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